Phishing is Getting Easier


We reveal more about ourselves every day.  We use more and more online services.  Clearly those services are not as secure as we would like.  The result of all of this – we are basically writing the phishing e-mails.  Simply read what I post and then send an e-mail asking me for money.  What could be easier?

We need to do a better job recognizing phishing emails.

Power Corrupts or Reveals?

A great article by Adam Grant (author of the book Give and Take) discusses whether power corrupts or simply reveals the inherent flaws we each carry.

Power frees us from the chains of conformity. As a team of psychologists led by Adam Galinsky finds, “power psychologically protects people from influence.” Because powerful people have plenty of resources, they don’t need to worry as much about the negative consequences of expressing their values. For givers, power is associated with responsibility to others. This means that power often grants givers the latitude to help others without worrying about exploitation by takers or sheer exhaustion. For takers, on the other hand, power is a license to advance their own interests.

It’s always tragic when we see individuals who appear so promising fail just as they reach the zenith of their career. Why do some people self-destruct?  More importantly, how can we all avoid doing the same in our own small world.  Do we have the ability to overcome or suppress these natural tendencies or are we doomed if we hold these qualities.  I hope we have the ability to compensate, because I’m certain we all have some of these negative qualities.


I enjoy ethics as a subject. Professionally, integrity is central to my role. My business success is predicated on my company’s ability to execute on it’s commitments to our stakeholders. I enjoy the way this fairly dry subject is presented. In it, Dan Ariely explores the circumstances under which someone would lie and what effect deception has on society at large. What’s cool about the video is that he ties the subtle decisions individuals make to the large consequences that result.

I do recommend the other videos in the RSA Animate series. Like the TED Series, these videos are thought provoking and insightful.