Taylor Communications

I work for a new company.  This past week my employer changed its name from Standard Register Incorporated to Taylor Communications.  This is the third company I have worked for in the past six months – all without leaving my seat. The last time I went through this many employers was in 1986 when I worked for Dart & Kraft, Whirlpool and Emerson all in one day.

In March of 2015, The Standard Register Company declared bankruptcy. On August 1st, the company name was changed to Standard Register Incorporated (a Taylor Corporation company).  People bemoaning the name change and the loss of a Dayton-based institution ignore the first transition.

I am excited by the name change and the opportunity it represents.  The Standard Register Company has had cycles of success and failure over the past fifteen years – but serving a contracting market ultimately resulted in more failures than success. The leadership team in that period worked hard to ‘rewire the plane in flight’ and transition the company to a different marketplace. This name change signals Taylor’s ambition – which I welcome.

The loss of the company name does sadden me.  It is hard to work for a company as long as I have and not have a sense of loss.  Part of my identity has been attached to the company name.  I understand the business imperative behind the name change and accept it – but I will take some time for me to transition to the new world.

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