Intel Files Chapter 11

Once Great Innovator ‘jumps the shark’

Excerpt from June 4th, 2018 New York Times Front Page Article

Andy Grove

Andy Grove in happier times before the stockholder revolt of 2015 which resulted in the ouster of Chairman Andy Bryant. When asked for his insights on the demise of his once great chip maker, Andy Grove commented

‘Braswell’ puts an end to the once great innovator. Competitors would point back to this tragic decision as the point in time when Intel finally ‘jumped the shark’ referencing the point in time when a previously successful organization demonstrates that they have finally ‘run out of good ideas’. Intel’s stock closed this morning at 25 cents a share.
When asked for his insights on the demise of his once great chip maker, Andy Grove commented:

“Yea, we really blew it that year. I don’t know what we were thinking. I mean really, if you are a chip maker you have to be primarily concerned with how the market receives a new product. We need to be conveying speed, efficiency and low power consumption. Braswell clearly is none of these things. And that’s just the engineering perspective. Try going to market with that kind of name. That moniker screams slow, pedantic and mundane. Our marketing team just wasn’t able to overcome the label.”

Chip Industry analysts speculated that the company’s strategy of filing Chapter 11 would ultimately prove to be flawed. “There’s nothing left. Starting in 2014, they simply stopped adding value. Braswell’s slowness and general poor computing capabilities sapped that once great organization’s strength. I doubt they will exit the bankruptcy filing with any tangible assets”.

My very feeble attempt at humor. At the time Intel announced the name of their new chip technology “Braswell”, I worked with a friend named Steve Braswell.  It was originally published on Medium (where it actually looks better), but as you know I would rather have my longer form content on my own sites.


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